FKA Twigs “Pendulum” Video


FKA Twigs unleashed the video for her single Pendulum today and just like the song(and pretty much everything she does)… it is stunning! Visually STUNNING! Continue reading


recently watched: Stand By Me Doraemonドラえもん

First… a little summary concerning the character at hand. Doraemon is a legendary classic anime/manga series in Japan written by Fujiko F. Fujio in 1969 that quickly became not only a favorite in Japan but all over Asia! It revolves around Nobita(a clumsy insecure young schoolboy) and Doraemon(a robot cat from the future!)sent by Nobita’s great great grandchild to present day to help Nobita be the best he can be so that his future can be bright…and its one of my personal favorite animes of ALL time! Thats why when I saw there was a 3D movie that had recently been released I was extremely excited…and were not talking about bland (at times)untextural Pixar/Dreamworks 3d quality here people we’re talking AMAZINGLY done 3d computer animation that even blew me away!! Continue reading

recently watched: SANATORIUM (2014)


I probably wont review films too often..and I dont think my “reviews” may be considered actual “reviews” as I wont go into too much boring detail or spoilers about a film,those you can probably find ALLOVER the internet, but I would prefer to call them suggestions&how I experienced the film.

Sanatorium, released december 2014,probably straight to dvd or indie theatres as it was released by After Dark, is one of those found footage paranormal films young horror directors seem to not be able to get enough of making. Continue reading