Sneak Peek: Björk MOMA Retrospective Exclusive Photos


As many people may already know… The Museum of Modern Art is holding a massive retrospective of Björk‘s entire 20+ years solo career up to this point! The exhibition will open March 8th until June 7th in New York City. But for those who simply cant wait or those who can’t make it to NYC, here’s just a few exclusive photos, captured by photographer Sam Clarke, of what the exhibition will hold.. Enjoy! Continue reading


Bjork Unveils New Cover Art for Vulnicura!

Today through social media Bjork has unveiled the alternate cover for her newest album Vulnicura! Slated to originally be released on cd and vinyl formats today, March 3rd, the release date has been pushed back to March 16th for Europe and March 24th for the U.S. Continue reading

Art Spotlight: The Kawaii-Surreal World of Giant Claw’s Keith Rankin

In this day and age, it seems internet art has become the new pop art. With more and more people sharing their idea of what art is and reinterpreting things of old into something fresh and new. And the lines have been blurred even more with the tools commonly used in graphic design taking the place of paint, & brushes and the medium used in art being completely technological and displayed on our home computer screens instead of on a canvas or in a museum or gallery. Yet sometimes the whole thing can seem a bit “artificial” rather than “art official”… Thats why when I came across the work of Keith Rankin, also known for his music project Giant Claw, I was blown away… Continue reading

Margiela Artisinal Spring 2015 Couture: Hello Mr. Galliano~

As a young kid and into my teens and even into adulthood there have been two modern day designers I’ve always loved. Two who always brought art, drama, and showmanship along with craftsmenship to the fashion world. Those two would have to be Alexander McQueen and John Galliano!
McQueen unfortunately left this world much too soon&is no longer with us(RIP)… but Galliano is finally BACK!
And hes now apart of one of my favorite fashion houses, Maison Martin Margiela, and has taken reign as its Creative Director and recently premiered his first collection for the house for their couture ‘Artisinal’ collection and Mr. Galliano did NOT disappoint(at least not entirely)! Continue reading

FBF?!: Italians Do It Better presents After Dark 2


One day I was going through my record collection during moving and I came across an album I hadnt listened to in AWHILE but remembered enjoying alot when it was released,that album was Glass Candy’s 2007 release B/E/A/T/B/O/X. I could talk about Glass candy for awhile since they have quite an interesting history, but i’d prefer to discuss the small label they call home, Italians Do It Better, which I later discovered has released some VERY interesting albums and compilations(aswell as imagery) since 2007s Beatbox release and After Dark 2 would be a GREAT place to start…
Continue reading