RIP David Bowie


Sadly a magnificent star has burned out, but will never be forgotten… thank you Mr. Bowie for creating amazing sounds and visions that will continue to inspire artists for ages to come…


some of my favorite Bowie moments I own on vinyl






  1. a collection or gathering of things or people.
    “a wondrous assemblage of noble knights, cruel temptresses, and impossible loves

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already suspected, the blog is on a temporary hiatus until further notice(or update rather)… but here is a concept mix/little treat for the wait..

its an “assemblage” i threw together a couple months ago of experimental sounds that I compiled by some phenomenal artists ranging from fka twigs to u2 to men in burka to leila to lou reed mixed with evian christ? yes. all living in&out of sync of each other in this one lil’ 19 minute mix~

so enjoy and look forward to more updates&mixes in the upcoming future.

jermaine jagger

Sneak Peek: Björk MOMA Retrospective Exclusive Photos


As many people may already know… The Museum of Modern Art is holding a massive retrospective of Björk‘s entire 20+ years solo career up to this point! The exhibition will open March 8th until June 7th in New York City. But for those who simply cant wait or those who can’t make it to NYC, here’s just a few exclusive photos, captured by photographer Sam Clarke, of what the exhibition will hold.. Enjoy! Continue reading