Lost Soundtracks for a Runway Show. KTZ A/W 2012


One of my favorite ready to wear fashion brands would have to be KTZ, & their A/W 2012/13 collection has to be one of my favorite collections from head designer Marjan Pejoski. Which is why I’ve decided to revisit the collection and dedicate the second installment of the Lost Soundtracks for a Runway Show mix series to this epic moment of the KTZ archives..


As before, like the first Lost Soundtrack for a Runway Show, the mix is 15+ minutes and can be enjoyed on its own OR paired with the runway show by playing the YouTube video below, muting the video, then pressing play on the mix!

The concept mix/soundtrack features sounds by:

Bauhaus, Rabit, Black Dog Productions, Kate Bush, Suicide, Bjork, Mediatrix, Gunge, + Rihanna.


Jermaine Jagger


[mixcloud width=”600″]https://www.mixcloud.com/jermainejagger/lost-soundtracks-for-a-runway-show-2-ktz/[/mixcloud]



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