Update: Death Grips-The Powers That B preorder date + Jenny Death Snippets

Well one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Death Grips The Powers That B, has finally gotten (yet another)release date and also some sound clips of the tracks from its 2nd disc, Jenny Death!?


The Powers that B, Death Grips fourth & reportedly last studio album, has a new release date of March 31st! The original 2015 release date of February 10th, reported here, had been pushed back til an undefined date until now! The double album will also have an official CD/LP scheduled pre-order date of March 17th, so stay tuned to your favorite online retailers site on that date for the pre-order pages to pop up! Also, a tour announcement is planned for March 24th&tickets are expected to go on sale March 27th! So keep your ear to the street, or eyes on the web in this case, for more news!

But for now, a online retailer based in the Netherlands has already posted the album for pre-sale on its website. But most importantly, along with some yet unheard snippets of the albums 2nd part, Jenny Death! Although the snippets are of low quality, it still gives us all a sneak peek of what to expect from the long awaited second disc of The Powers That B! You can check out those samples in the link below as well as get reacquainted with the first part of The Powers That B, which was unleashed digitally online June 8th of last year and includes vocal samples of Bjork on every track! Also check out the mysterious video Death Grips posted on their Youtube channel on February 13th which to me looks like a live show rehearsal?! Who knows just… Enjoy!

-Jermaine Jagger

UPDATE 3/11: Harvest Records has officially posted the vinyl release pre-order on its webstore site! Get it while you can HERE–> The Powers That B Vinyl Preorder
UPDATE 3/12: Harvest has since deleted the preorder for the powers that b vinyl, as you can see in the link above… it was up for about 15 hours then taken down. maybe those who preordered through the link will receive a limited edition version…who knows?! BUT Death Grips has since premiered the video for On GP, probably one of their most emotional and rock-driven songs to date! Check it out below along with all the other goodies that are still up to enjoy!
UPDATE 3/19: Jenny Death has leaked


Jenny Death track samples & Netherlands preorder

  • simply click the link above, scroll down to “tracklist 2” click “Less meer” and VOILA the jenny death samples!




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