Music: Week In Review


Well theres been alot of music news lately and ALOT concerning many of my personal favorites in music so of course im gonna take some time to focus on those.. predominately FKA Twigs, Aphex Twin, and Bjork


Bjork’s record label, One Little Indian has announced that ALL of her primary solo albums will be reissued on COLORED VINYL!!! The release date is in March to coincide with the Bjork retrospective being held at the Museum of Modern Art. Unfortunately so far it seems the vinyls are only available through preorder on One Little Indian’s UK webstore but I’m certainly hoping these become available on U.S. webstores aswell!  Each album will be a limited run of only 5000(!) on colored vinyl and just in case you didnt know, many of these albums have become quite hard to find on vinyl over the years! I’m even tempted to purchase at least one or two(specifically Homogenic&Volta)on colored vinyl although I have many of them(including homogenic) on black vinyl already! The temptation is strong! But if you don’t have any the Icelandic songstress albums on vinyl already… heres a GREAT opportunity..and while you’re at it, pick me up one too 🙂
Also check out THIS beautiful article recently published which includes some detailed info about the retrospective, making of vulnicura, & even partying with Bjork!




Dazed magazine has reported some hints of a possible(hopeful)very near future release from fave FKA Twigs! Seems as though an Australian fan has uploaded onto Youtube a video of Twigs performing a new song at her show in Melbourne titled “Figure 8”!

The video shows Twigs performing amidst flashing lights and although the audio of the video is somewhat terrible due to the abundance of bass…the track&beat seems AMAZING! It features Twigs singing and possibly also rapping(?!) upon one of the hardest beats I’ve ever heard her on. Its definitely something to look forward to on an upcoming release… which leads me to that. Dazed also reported that musician/producer Boots, whose also been opening for Twigs during her world tour, recently posted this photo of his 2015 itinerary which seems to contain a hint of an FKA Twigs EP3!!!!? So could a follow up to EP2 be on the horizon in 2015 aswell…. i definitely hope so. Seems the photo has since been deleted on Boots twitter so guess we’ll have to wait to see how this unfolds!



Well it sure seems IDM mastermind Richard James aka Aphex Twin sure has been busy… on soundcloud at least! Earlier in the week, only days after the release of his Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments EP, MUCH of music media began reporting on MANY(109 in total so far) tracks that began steadily popping up on a random soundcloud account that were heavily rumored to be early demos&unreleased works of Aphex Twin’s spanning throughout his career pre-Syro!!!! Richard gave no confirmation of this but MANY of the tracks definitely featured signature Aphex Twin sounds&even track titles( “girl/boy dark” for instance, which has since been deleted)that gave an insanely reliable hint that YES these are the works of Richard D. James! Certain tracks you can even trace the sound back to periods of a particular album! It was definitely a gift to many Aphex Twin fans that missed his sound pre-Syro! Myself especially, whom had just days before all these became unleashed posted an article & sampler concerning Richard’s work from 1995-2001! I’ve since archived over 90 of my favorite tracks from the soundcloud which I may possibly post on here to share in the near future just in case the mysterious soundcloud gets deleted, which is quite possible! So definitely stay tuned here, but for NOW check out the Soundcloud&two of my favorite tracks below(one of which sounds as if it may be from the period Richard created exclusive tracks for Nine Inch Nails Further Down The Spiral remix ep*)!
correction*:“35 Japan”is in fact a remix Richard did under his other alias,Polygon Window,for the Japanese group Soft Ballet’s track “Sand Lowe” released in ’93! It was released on their remix album Twist&Turn.


P.S.:Vinyl Haul!!!


I recently got the urge to go on a lil’ vinyl splurge… it usually happens when I’m down or bored(which is often here in this town)! So thought I’d share my recent finds as well as samples from each album so you can check em out and if you like it, grab em if you ever come by them aswell! This time I had somewhat of a soundtrack moment obviously!

Philip Glass
I’ve been a fan of Philip Glass for MANY years now! I cant even remember how I discovered his work to be honest but I’m certainly happy to have found it&he’s become one of my all time favorite composers! So when I came across his amazing GlassWorks, the beautiful soundtrack to Mishima, AND the frightening soundtrack he did for the 90’s horror movie Candyman, I knew it was a MUST I have em all(and lucky for me I’ve become a smart shopper 😉 ) Check out faves from each album below via Youtube.

Forbidden World Soundtrack
Death Waltz Records, a (previously)UK based record label known for reissuing out of print cult movie&horror scores onto colored vinyl with brand new artwork, re-released the soundtrack to this 1982 horror movie. I was originally drawn to the new cover artwork but due to the pricing upon release I decided to let it go, but lucky for me I came across it for half the price brand new so felt it was fate! The score was done by Susan Justin and has a multitude of eerie minimal electronic moments along with a bit of the prevalent New Wave sounds of the 80s. Its a cool score to own and if you can find it at a decent price I say grab it! Mine came on smoky clear vinyl along with a large poster of the awesome new artwork!! You can check out the theme below(the image in the video is from the original soundtrack cover art, not the Death Waltz reissue).

Gone Girl Soundtrack
Trent Reznor(Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross has worked together on soundtracks ever since 2010’s The Social Network which was definitely my favorite! Once again they’ve worked again with director David Flincher, yet have gone with an even more minimal quieter ambient sound and I love it! The dark soundtrack to Gone Girl has some beautiful moments that BUILD up into epic electronic moments like a rollercoaster. Its a beautiful soundtrack for morning, evening, or night listening and with 24 tracks its definitely worth checking out and owning on vinyl if you come across it&need some epic beautiful yet dark instrumental ambient moments in your life.

I may be doing these Music Week In Reviews regularly but only if there’s alot to write about soooo.. I wouldn’t expect to see them once a week but they’ll pop up every now and then! Have a safe yet GREAT weekend everyone!

-Jermaine Jagger


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