Highlight of 2014: Being in Purple Magazine…

2014 has been a pretty rough year for many,and me aswell. Abrupt moves, unemployed for the 1st time in years, emotional moments…but enough meddling on the unfortunate aspects of the past as we move into 2015! One positive highlight of 2014 that helps outshine the bad was when I was photographed for the french magazine PURPLE by the infamous & talented, Ryan McGinley!


Ive been printed in books before(stylelikeu, artselfie, street boners,& i think theres another I cant remember at the moment)AND magazines aswell(blackbook, interview, 2 japanese magazines&maybe a couple more I cant remember at the moment but anywho..)the excitement will probably never get old. Something about being printed in something youve loved since a kid(that being, fashion magazines!) is always an achievement in my opinion. So when I was asked by Ryan McGinley’s casting director,Phoebe Pritchett(also known as the futuristic party rapper Feebzz!!)if I would be interested in being apart of the all day shoot, I of course said “SURE!!” and cleared my calender.

I’ve met Ryan before and knew he was an absolute sweetheart and knew it would be definitely a fun set to be on so I was excited to be apart of it! The shoot was held in what seemed to be an abandoned catholic school(cool right?)I was introduced to the stylist and thankfully they said my look would be perfect. Some people get excited about being made over…I do not. My clothes/style are an extension of me like my second skin so of course Iwould feel more comfortable in my own,plus I’ve styled before so it always feels a lil weird being styled by someone else! Anywho, the shoot started with us all in a basement room of this school. I thought I would feel nervous around so MANY agency models but I felt perfectly comfortable and they were all much sweeter than I expected! We began the shoot all clumped on each other. Literally all our body parts were laid on top of each other lol and we would switch places THEN it got exciting when they decided to turn the lights out and have us all mosh around while 2chainz, minor threat, and chief keef played! At first I was afraid I might hurt one of the fragile models but I was going wild and so were they&the camera kept flashing! I wish I could get my eyes on those images,im sure their amazingly insane, but unfortunately who knows if they may ever see the light of day.

Multiple times during the moshing/dancing part the lights went on and we were instructed to just lay/sit down in the place where we were sweatily standing and more still images were taken&thats the image that was printed in Purple! Luckily the one that was printed I was perched over to the side like “hey yall yea thats me right over here!” lol. The image is an epic one, I feel it shows so much diversity joined all together which I believe was the goal. so YES! goal perfectly achieved Mr. McGinley!

After that scene was done we were instructed to go into the other room and just chill. I think some people thought that meant the shoot was over… but it wasnt! After about 30 minutes we were told to all go into a classroom in the basement! as we entered we all took random seats at old school desks. I took one about 3 desks back from the front of the class(ive never been the front of the classroom type lol)and they passed around paper they wanted us to make flying airplanes out of!! Which eventually evolved into a PAPER FIGHT!!! It was massively fun! Like who ever thought you could have this much fun on a photo shoot?! Eventually they rearranged the seating and asked me to move to the FRONT! I have the tendency to be shy but NOT when im in a fun zone so i went to the front and continued the paper fight!! the energy plus the excitement was great! Then Ryan started shooting directly at me and wanted ME to start throwing paper balls at his camera!!! So I did,it went on for awhile and it was fun!!! IT was definitely one of the most fun photo shoots Ive ever been apart of! Unfortunately the classroom scene wasnt printed in Purple(whats up with them not using exciting motion shots!?)BUT i hope to somehow get my eyes on them ONE DAY as I’m sure their epic aswell!

A month or two after the shoot,and pondering if any of the shots I was in would even be used,a woman approached me at my job at the time and said to me with a heavy French accent, “I saw you in the Purple magazine. You looked very good, the whole shoot was beautiful” and I said “Oh my god REALLY? thank you!! its out!?”

So that has to be one of my major highlights of 2014! Another notable one that comes to mind would have to be randomly meeting fka Twigs at a club while I was visiting LA and getting up the nerve to talk to her&tell her how much I’ve loved all her work ever since she posted her 1st videos “Weak Spot”&”Ache”and congratulated her on all her success. Yea that was epic! So although some disappointing not so great things may have happened in 2014, lets strive to forget all of those and move into the new year with clear positive thoughts&thinking and courage&focus to continue to achieve our goals and dreams!

Happy New Year yall! ❤

-Jermaine Jagger

ps:special shout out to Ryan McGinley & Phoebe for making this highlight randomly happen for me in 2014! ❤


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