recently watched: SANATORIUM (2014)


I probably wont review films too often..and I dont think my “reviews” may be considered actual “reviews” as I wont go into too much boring detail or spoilers about a film,those you can probably find ALLOVER the internet, but I would prefer to call them suggestions&how I experienced the film.

Sanatorium, released december 2014,probably straight to dvd or indie theatres as it was released by After Dark, is one of those found footage paranormal films young horror directors seem to not be able to get enough of making. Quite honestly in my opinion,that particular subgenre in horror has grown VERY tired. But with this film…it was actually QUITE frightening.

I wont lie and say I didnt go into watching the film without doubt that it was going to be a total dud but on a boring monday afternoon I decided to give it a try since there wasnt much else to watch and WOW was I surprised.

The film follows a paranormal investigation team filming one of those paranormal reality tv shows that are all over tv these days,and OF COURSE theres some annoying members of the team that just made me want to say “god will he shut up”. It follows them venturing to an abandoned hospital that had a past of very violent murders…I wont go into detail about the story..we’ve all seen it before, but this one brought along some great twists! the visual effects were well done and the level of suspense was quite surprising! There were even scenes where I had to look away from the screen I was so frightened of what may pop up next.

Although I am VERY tired of this exact same storyline that has been used so MANY times in these found footage films I DO give the filmmakers props of its use of suspense methods and even visual effects and using it all well and thankfully there were no bad cgi ghosts or demons to be seen which frequently can just ruin a movie! I was frightened and at the end of the day…thats the job of a horror movie. Not to bore the viewer but keep them stimulated and looking forward to whats next while being afraid to see whats next…and IT WORKED. If i was working on a star grading system I would give this film a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

So definitely give SANATORIUM a viewing if youre looking for a movie to relieve boredom&possibly get scared by, luckily I watched it during daylight!

-Jermaine Jagger


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