muzik. fashun. kulture. nonsenze? welcome to Harpur’s BIZAAR~

and thank you for choosing…” Harpur’s Bizaar~
hopefully one of your favorite sources for music, fashion, culture beyond other thingz~

I’m Jermaine Jagger, the editor-in-chief/editor at large/creative director basically the HBIC(head blogger in charge)here at Bizaar.
2014-11-21-19-02-30_deco (1)

I’ll be serving up all types of cool new and old things for you to, hopefully, discover&obsess over and maybe even be inspired by just as I have.

Some things to know about me & things you may see on the blog:

1.I love to create terms/words&use hashtags: WHY NOT? its fun! the human language can be flexible and fun so why not use it to its extent! thats how the name harpurs bizaar came up! i’ve always had a love for fashion&the interesting so one day I all of a sudden started calling things i found interesting “Harpers Bizarre!”,an obvious wordplay on the name of a quite historically famous fashion magazine;) and it kind of stuck! Later my friends started saying it and I even started using it as a hashtag! But decided to “alter” the spelling a little for the blog, you know, to avoid the possibility of any future *ahem* lawsuits~

Oh and one thing about hashtags… some people hate them..some people OVERuse them…i tend to use them mostly for emphasis or exclamation because… #WHYNOT?! its all in #bigFUN(<–my motto)

also I tend to write the way I talk so expect a few run-on sentences because… #whateverforever just go with the flow~;)

2.I LOVE music…and sometimes “fashion“..and always “Art“~

“Fashion”: lets be honest..”fashion blogging” has gone a little overboard. everyone with an opinion and fake chanel bag tends to want to be one. But i will VERY politely decline to consider myself a “fashion blogger” per se and VERY rarely talk about the likes of Wang, or a new item I found at H&M(that is unless either one does anything i find absolutely interesting&a MUST to share,which I predict would be very rare) BUT i will post about fashion that resides less in the marketing/trend aspect of the world but in the true artistic realm of it all. I’ve loved that particular side of fashion since I was a young child in the 90s watching fashion television with my mom while she made polka dot capes to wear to work the next day. I also have a degree in Fashion Design&have worked in fashion as well,but enough about that…just think of seeing articles containing art oops i mean *ahem* “fashion” by the likes of McQueen, Kawakubo, Gaultier, Westwood, Galliano, Margiela, Miyake, Castelbajac, and many many more from the past&present&maybe even future young designers that i feel are great! I may also post photos of outfits/looks i find interesting or a lil’ piece I sewed up, or a new way I found to wear something…you know some things you may not have seen before that may inspire you to try something new because well, “Knowledge is Power”~


MUSIC: Music is one of the most important things in the world to me. Its quite rare to see me im public without my headphones. Music has helped me through a lot in life and I always find something new in it to latch on to and help me carry on or inspire me or to simply dance to. My taste in music goes all over the place from electronic to grunge to hiphop to “avantgarde” to classical to industrial to…basically anything i find interesting or fun. I’ve also DJed throughout NYC for years and also in Atlanta&Palm Springs and i’ve always strived to make my sets an eclectic collage of fun music anyone can enjoy and dance to,imagine Judas Priest transitioning into Naughty by Natures “O.P.P.” into a remix of Dolly Partons “9to5”!  Some longtime favorite music artists of mine are Bjork, Kate Bush, Grace Jones, Portishead, Tricky, fka Twigs, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Bowie, Eno, Janet Jackson, Erykah Badu…and the list goes on&on! So expect some interesting videos, highlights,&maybe even some reviews of new&old albums i feel you should check out. Also im a vinyl collector, so you may see some pics of a new haul of vinyl i’ve gotten or what I may be listening to at that moment!

Art: Art inspires all…that may sound cliche. But it DOES. Music is an artform. Photography is an artform. Dance is an artform. Video is an artform. Fashion is an artform. and thats just a few. Its all inspired by each other in one way or another& feeds us sound+vision for our senses, and you will see glimpses of it all HERE because as a very wise man named David Bowie once said, “dont you wonder sometimes about Sound & Vision?” 😉


-Jermaine Jagger


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