this NYE….

this will be me….

perched listening to records, burning candles, probably sipping on red wine,& hoping for a brighter future in 2015!
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Mixtape Experience: Lucki Eck$-Body High

note:this isnt a review in the usual context of the word, but moreso a music recommendation&review of my experience listening to this mixtape.

One type of hiphop that I personally feel there isnt enough of is chilled out hiphop…

You know the type of hiphop you play in your room when alone while burnin some incense&candles, that you slightly bounce back and forth to while sippin some wine or a cocktail,working on a project, or “smoking some green”(if thats your thing)…well i guess i miss some “chill jazzy shit”in hiphop. Although Lucki Eck$ certainly may not be considered some “chill jazzy shit” by many, he fortunately gives me that effect. The vibe that I’ve been missing, served up with lush dreamy downtempo bass driven production combined with a buttery smooth flow that, with his frequent references to xanax, i think I’ll dub xannycore*(yes xannycore*!)… Continue reading

Highlight of 2014: Being in Purple Magazine…

2014 has been a pretty rough year for many,and me aswell. Abrupt moves, unemployed for the 1st time in years, emotional moments…but enough meddling on the unfortunate aspects of the past as we move into 2015! One positive highlight of 2014 that helps outshine the bad was when I was photographed for the french magazine PURPLE by the infamous & talented, Ryan McGinley!


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Margiela Spring/Summer 2009 20th Anniversary

People that know me know… I LOVE an amazing theatrical runway show! I’ve spent many a night forcing friends to watch certain ones to see the extent of true artistic expression fashion IS capable of creating.

One of those shows I have the tendency of tearing while watching is THE Margiela 2009 show also known as a 20th anniversary retrospective in a sense.  Continue reading

TURNTABLES: Jensen JTA-230 – a review for music lovers on a budget.NOT for non-budget “audiophiles”….

I love music and LOVE music on vinyl..
The presentation, covers, sound, quality, the different pressings everything about them.
And NO for some(like myself) this isnt a “trend” or “fad”.

I’ve loved vinyl since a kid&remember begging my parents and family members for their records and/or record players & now I see why they said “no”(although now i bet all those records&players are in a dump since everyones moved on to cds&digital media since). Continue reading

recently watched: SANATORIUM (2014)


I probably wont review films too often..and I dont think my “reviews” may be considered actual “reviews” as I wont go into too much boring detail or spoilers about a film,those you can probably find ALLOVER the internet, but I would prefer to call them suggestions&how I experienced the film.

Sanatorium, released december 2014,probably straight to dvd or indie theatres as it was released by After Dark, is one of those found footage paranormal films young horror directors seem to not be able to get enough of making. Continue reading

muzik. fashun. kulture. nonsenze? welcome to Harpur’s BIZAAR~

and thank you for choosing…” Harpur’s Bizaar~
hopefully one of your favorite sources for music, fashion, culture beyond other thingz~

I’m Jermaine Jagger, the editor-in-chief/editor at large/creative director basically the HBIC(head blogger in charge)here at Bizaar.
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